If you want to integrate SharedBookshelves.com into your church website (like to display all the titles owned by your church family) you now can using our Application Programming Interface (API). This document is the official reference for that functionality.

Note: Your church_id can be found by signing in and going to your profile, and the last number in the link to your church is what you're after. Links to church pages are of the format:


Return list of owned books

https://www.sharedbookshelves.com/api/getdata.xml?church_id=1 (test)
By default, page = 1, results_per_page = 10, list = owned

Return wish list

https://www.sharedbookshelves.com/api/getdata.xml?church_id=1&page=2&list=wish&results_per_page=20&orderby=title (test)
Ordering is according to frequency by default but can also be set according to title (&orderby=title) or added date (&orderby=added)

Search owned list for books with search term "Gospel"

https://www.sharedbookshelves.com/api/getdata.xml?church_id=1&q=Gospel (test)

Return books with search term "Lewis" from wish list

https://www.sharedbookshelves.com/api/getdata.xml?church_id=1&q=Lewis&list=wish (test)

See example code for parsing the data using cURL and PHP.