After the Bible, there are lots of great books out there to help you in your Christian walk. This site aims to facilitate the sharing of Christian books in your church by creating an online network that lists the books each member owns and would be willing to lend to others within the local church family.

Note that if a person lists a book on their "owned" or "wishlist" it does not necessarily indicate an endorsement for its contents. Neither is it necessarily an endorsement by the church to which the individual has indicated they belong.

Please support Christian book publishers! They get the content out there in the first place, and while we realise that frequent users of this site can save money by borrowing books instead of buying them, we would still strongly encourage you to buy books that you might read and reference often. Please also consider giving financially to Christian book publishers.

Read the Quick Start Guide to get started and do feel free to contact us and give feedback on how to improve this site.

Thanks for reading!